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Affiliate Program – Earn Money With SHUGAKANE

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SHUGAKANE is poised to become the No 1 online shopping store in Nigeria; for fashion, entertainment and lifestyle.

We are committed to engaging promising young leaders in Nigeria, and have implemented this affiliate scheme which allows young and influential Nigerians to make money with us online as we grow.

If you are a trendsetter, who loves fashion, and has a large network of friends or influence over a lot of people, then…



How to earn money Online with SHUGAKANE - Affiliate Program Info

How does the affiliate program work?

Affiliate programs are great ways to make money online. If you have a website, a blog or even a mobile phone with BBM or Whatsapp with a lot of contacts, you can write the messages that you typically write and then display links to the SHUGAKANE products within your message.

Each link contains a unique encrypted code that helps us identify you, so when one of your contacts clicks on the link and places an order with us, YOU get a 5% commission of the sale! It’s as simple as that.

The reason affiliate programs work so well is because your contacts know you and are going to feel more comfortable buying a product that you recommend.

Who can participate?

Anyone who loves can be an affiliate and make money by recommending us to people. Those who can make the most money from this, are mainly people that are well connected, have a lot of friends or influence in a community. For example,

  • A University Student Union Society board member.
  • A blogger or website with a lot of traffic.
  • A socialite with a substantial amount of mobile contacts.
  • A supervisor / manager at work.
  • A musician  / artist with a lot of followers.
  • A business with a large customer database.

How do I get started?

  1. Read the full terms and conditions
  2. Log in to your shugakane account first
  3. Once logged in, apply for an affiliate account, and get your unique and trackable affiliate links.
  4. Add the links and images in your affiliate account dashboard to your website, blog, emails text messages or other relevant digital content.
  5. Earn money every time someone you referred orders for the first time at SHUGAKANE.

Access Affiliate Area

Please log in or register to access the affiliate area

If you want to start referring people and earning money with us, register here:

Read the full terms and conditions here

Affiliate Terms and Conditions